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Final Fantasy VII Materia

Materia is one of the keys to doing well in Final Fantasy VII. There are 5 types of materia: Magic, Command, Summon, Support and Independent materia. Magic materia is for casting spells, command materia is for using battle commands, summon materia is used to call monsters to do battle, support materia increases the power of another materia or enhances the player through other materia, and independent materia gives the player special abilities to use in battle, such as counter attacking and covering allies.

There are 82 different materia in Final Fantasy VII. They are listed below.

Materia NameTypeWhere it is
FireMagicMateria Store
IceMagicMateria Store
LightningMagicMateria Store
EarthMagicMateria Store
RestoreMagicMateria Store
HealMagicMateria Store
ReviveMagicMateria Store
SealMagicMateria Store
MystifyMagicMateria Store
TransformMagicMateria Store
ExitMagicMateria Store
PoisonMagicMateria Store
GravityMagicMateria Store
BarrierMagicMateria Store
CometMagicAncient City
DestructMagicShinra Mansion
ContainMagicMideel White Chocobo
FullCureMagicNorth Crater
ShieldMagicNorth Crater
UltimaMagicNorth Corel
Master MagicMagicHuge Materia
Slash-AllCommandAncient Forest
Double CutCommandSunken Plane
W-MagicCommandNorth Crater
W-SummonCommandBattle Square
W-ItemCommandMidgar Underground
StealCommandMidgar Sewers
SenseCommandSector 5 Playground
MorphCommandAncient Temple
DeathblowCommandGongaga Area
ManipulateCommandCait Sith
MimeCommandMateria Cave, Wutai
Enemy SkillCommandVarious locations
Master CommandCommandHuge Materia
AllSupportBeginner's Hall
CounterSupportNorth Crater
Magic CounterSupportNorth Crater
MP TurboSupportWhirlwind Maze
MP AbsorbSupportWutai
HP AbsorbSupportWutai
ElementalSupportMidgar's Mayor
Added EffectSupportCosmo Canyon Cave
Sneak AttackSupportWutai
Final AttackSupportBattle Square
Added CutSupportGaia's Cliff
Steal As WellSupportWutai
Quadra MagicSupportMateria Cave, Mideel
Choco/MogSummonChocobo Bill's
ShivaSummonJunon Town
IfritSummonJunon Boat
RamuhSummonChocobo Racing Jockey Room
TitanSummonRuined Reactor
LeviathanSummonWutai Tower
BahamutSummonAncient Temple
Kjata/KujataSummonSleeping Forest
AlexanderSummonGreat Glacier
PhoenixSummonFort Condor
Neo BahamutSummonNorth Crater
HadesSummonSunken Plane
TyphonSummonAncient Forest
Bahamut ZEROSummonHuge Materia
Knights of the RoundSummonMateria Cave, Northeast isle
Master SummonSummonHuge Materia
MP PlusIndependentMideel Materia Store
HP PlusIndependentMideel Materia Store
Speed PlusIndependentBattle Square
Magic PlusIndependentBattle Square
Luck PlusIndependentTemple of the Ancients
EXP PlusIndependentWonder Square
Gil PlusIndependentWonder Square
Enemy AwayIndependentBattle Square
Enemy LureIndependentBattle Square
Chocobo LureIndependentCocobo Bill's
Pre-EmptiveIndependentBattle Square
Long RangeIndependentKalm Cave
Mega AllIndependentNorth Crater
Counter AttackIndependentMt. Nibel, Materia Keeper
CoverIndependentAeris' Garden
UnderwaterIndependentKalm Town man
HP <-> MPIndependentMateria Cave, North Corel

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